Do you have a problem with your double chin?

One of the first indicators of face aging is a double chin. It is accompanied by the growth of jowls and the deepening of laugh lines all around mouth. A person might have a double-chin all their lives, even when they are young. In any scenario, most individuals wish they could get rid of it quickly.

Fortunately, there is now a procedure to swiftly and comfortably remove the double chin when in a doctor's office. Contact us for thread lift treatment Dubai!

What Is the Cause of a Double Chin?

Different degrees of fat deposition, muscle thickening, and skin looseness create all double chins. An undeveloped chin bone can often give the illusion of a short, thick neck. Some persons may be affected by only one or a combination of these things. There is no one therapy that tackles all of these difficulties. A well-chosen mix of treatments, on the other hand, may enhance practically everyone's look.

Techniques for permanently removing fat from underneath chin

Liposuction in certain areas

Spot liposuction is the standard method for permanently eliminating fat deposits beneath the chin. A small pinpoint incision the size of pencils tip is created in the anatomic crease below the chin to gently remove fat. The operation is usually done in the cosmetic surgeon's office under local anaesthesia and takes 15-30 minutes. Get the dose of vitamin IV clinic!

Most people are able to return to work in 1 or 2 days and notice significant recovery within 10 days. This procedure can help with mild to severe double chins. It's also the finest technique for patients who want to minimize their jowls while also creating a more distinct jaw line.


Kybella is a recent FDA-approved injectable that is especially developed to treat minor to medium double chin fat buildup. Injections are administered just beneath the epidermis of the neck. Fatty acids in the injected region are induced to disintegrate slowly.

Over a five-week period, the fat gradually disappears, revealing a new, flatter chin. In the surgeon's office, the surgery is performed painlessly with local anesthesia and takes only a few minutes. Swelling generated by fat cell stimulation lasts the same amount of time as liposuction and requires no incision at all. It is a great therapy for minor to medium fatty double chins. Get Double Chin removal!


Due to the degree of fat deposition in the region, two to four treatments spaced about 5 weeks apart are generally required. All parts of the neck and chin can be adequately treated. However, unlike liposuction, Kybella cannot cure the jowls and jaw line.

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